Visayan Pop Songwriting Campaign, otherwise known as “VISPOP”, is a nationwide songwriting competition in original Cebuano popular music being held under the auspices of Artist and Musicians Marketing Cooperative (ARTIST KO) in cooperation with Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (FILSCAP).


2.1 To provide a venue for the creative expression of thoughts, ideas and sentiments, through contemporary Cebuano popular music using the Cebuano language.

2.2 To encourage new or innovative forms or styles in musical compositions and set trends in the Cebuano music scene.

2.3 To alleviate the current state of Cebuano songs on the radio and introduce a more professional and competitive Cebuano music playlist that can fairly represent the Cebuano psyche and entertain the Cebuano-speaking audience.


3.1 The Campaign is open to Filipino citizens and individuals with Filipino parentage.

3.2 Employees and officers of ARTIST KO, FILSCAP and their affiliate companies are disqualified from joining the contest portion of the Campaign.


A contestant can only enter a maximum of four (4) songs, either as a sole composer or collaborator. Only the first four entries involving the same writer shall be accepted. His/her fifth and succeeding entries shall be automatically disqualified.

5.1 Entries must be wholly original compositions and the copyright thereof must be owned exclusively by the songwriter-contestant.

5.2 Each entry may be composed by one individual or a collaboration of 2 or more songwriters.

5.3 The following are disqualified as entries:

a. Instrumental compositions;

b. Compositions which have been previously published, recorded or released in any part of the world;

c. Compositions which have entered the finals of any song competition in the Philippines or abroad.

d. Commissioned musical works;

e. Compositions which are found to contain 2 or more melodic bars or lyrics similar to a published or released song in the Philippines or abroad;

f. Lyrics that are substantial translation of a published work or released song in the Philippines or abroad;

g. Failure of the entry to comply with any of the published requirements shall be sufficient ground for disqualification.

5.4 By entering a song in the Campaign, the participant warrants that it has not been contracted for by any third party, and that he shall not negotiate and/or contract for any use of the song with any such third party until after the announcement of the finalists, and thereafter, if declared as a finalist.

5.5 The composer/lyricist shall hold ARTIST KO and FILSCAP, their affiliates, all their officers and employees, and all members of Campaign committees, free and harmless from any suit, demand, debt, obligation, expense or liability arising from any misrepresentation or fraud in connection with his entry submitted to the Campaign.

6.1 Entry forms are available online at:

Online Form
Downloadable Form


6.2 Duly accomplished entry forms must accompany all entries. If the entry has one or more songwriters or lyricists, each must sign the entry form.


The song must not exceed four minutes and thirty seconds (4:30), inclusive of intro and extro.


8.1 One or a combination of musical instruments may be used.

8.2 Introductions and explanations which are not part of the song are not allowed.


9.1 As a general rule, the lyrics of the song must be in Cebuano. However, English/Filipino terms may be used if they contribute to the total charm and effect of the song. Colloquial expressions and other made-up terms are allowable as well.

9.2 The name of the composer/lyricist shall not appear on the lyric sheet.

9.3 Introductions and explanations which are not part of the lyrics are not allowed.


All composers and lyricists must submit at least one (1) recent 2” x 2” photo.


11.1 Entries must be submitted online.

11.2 All entries must be received by the songwriting competition Secretariat by 12MN of January 30, 2016, Philippine Standard time. There shall be no extension of the deadline.

11.3 Entries must be emailed to vispop@artistko.com with the following as attachments:

• Scanned duly accomplished entry form in .jpeg format

• Lyrics sheet in .doc format

• 2” x 2” photos in .jpeg format

• .mp3 file of the entry song

11.4 Failure to comply with any of these requirements shall be sufficient ground for disqualification.


12.1 A Screening Committee shall audition all entries and determine the six (6) finalist songs.

12.2 An individual, whether as composer or lyricist, is allowed one (1) entry (the one garnering the higher score) in the finals.

12.3 The decision of the Screening Committee is final and binding on all parties concerned.


13.1 A Board of Judges shall choose the winners from among the six (6) finalists.

13.2 The decision of the Board of Judges is final and binding on all parties concerned.


14.1 All entries shall be judged according to the following general criteria:

a. Music (the quality of melody, harmony and rhythm) 30%

b. Lyrics (the arrangement of words and ideas) 30%

c. Over-all impact (music treatment, commercial appeal, radio-friendliness, uniqueness and breakthrough qualities) 40%

14.2 ARTIST KO shall have the sole right to designate the persons who shall constitute the Screening Committee and the Board of Judges whose decisions shall be final and unappealable.


15.1 A finalist is not allowed to waive his participation in the Campaign.

15.2 ARTIST KO shall have the exclusive authority to contract for the use of the composition locally and internationally for a minimum period of five (5) years with any organization under such terms and conditions which ARTIST KO would deem fit and advantageous to the composer’s or lyricist’s interest. Within the said period of time, ARTIST KO shall have the right to produce, authorize to be reproduced, exhibit, record, reproduce, broadcast, publicly perform, televise, transmit, sell, distribute, exploit, publicize, and use for any purpose, in any manner and by any means, the finalist songs and each and every part thereof and any and all versions, adaptations, copies and mechanical or other reproduction of all or part thereof including merchandising, mechanical reproduction, radio, television or motion picture rights in the finalist songs and each and every part thereof. The exercise by ARTIST KO of any of the above rights shall not be deemed a waiver of any action ARTIST KO may have against the contestant/s if it is later on discovered that the contestant/s is/are not the creator/s or owner/s of the copyright to the finalist songs, and all rights pertaining, to the finalist songs.

15.3 In consideration of the endeavors to be undertaken by ARTIST KO, it shall retain the amount equivalent to fifty percent (50%) of any and all sums actually received by said composer or lyricist from the mechanical rights, performance rights, printed publishing rights, and motion picture and video synchronization pertinent to the composition.

15.4 ARTIST KO reserves all the rights to the public performance of the six (6) finalist-songs from the date of submission until the Finals Night.

15.5 ARTIST KO, its licensees and assignees shall have the right to cause any of the six finalist-songs to be arranged, orchestrated and performed in the Campaign within specified limits as may be determined by the Campaign Management Committee.
15.6 The suggested interpreter and arranger for the entry shall be subject to the approval of the Campaign Management Committee. In this regard, the finalist shall not make any prior commitment with any interpreter, arranger, producer or recording company for the performance, recording or musical arrangement, relative to his entry to the Campaign. A finalist who insists on choosing an interpreter or arranger in violation of the above mentioned rules shall be disqualified.

15.7 All finalists are required to attend and participate in all promotional, publicity, production, recording, rehearsal and finals night activities in connection with the Campaign and all other promotional and publicity activities connected with the Campaign after the Finals Night without remuneration.

15.8 The presence of the finalists at the Campaign proper, on or off the stage shall likewise be without remuneration.

15.9 Any doubt or ambiguity as to the meaning or interpretation of any provision of these rules, including any concern or issue involving any aspect of the competition, shall be resolved by the Campaign Management Committee and its decision shall be binding on all finalists and parties concerned.

15.10 In the event of suit arising here from, venue shall be within the regular courts of Cebu City.


Contact Information


Contact Information


I hereby certify that the above song entry is my original work; that it has not been previously recorded, released or commercially sold; that it has not been previously assigned to a third party; and that no part of this song infringes on the copyright of any other existing work. I hereby indemnify the organizers of VISPOP Songwriting Campaign, its officers and staff from any liability arising from copyright infringement.

Should my entry song be chosen as one of the 6 finalists to vie for the Grand Prize, I hereby agree to assign all rights to the song to ARTIST KO for a period of five (5) years.

I further certify that the information I have supplied herein are true of my own knowledge; that I have read and understand the competition rules and regulations and agree without reservation to abide by them and the final decision of the Board of Jurors.